And here you come to the end: all the stuff that isn't my work. I couldn't possibly have written all this without help from other writers, theorists, and creators. Here follows a list of resources (trans-related sites I found helpful) and thanks (not-at-all-trans-related sites which were nevertheless useful in this website's creation).


A variety of sites that could prove helpful for the friends and family of trans people:

A couple of more specialized sites that are most helpful for the family/friends of trans children or adolescents:

Take a look!


The lovely pattern for this website's sidebar was created by Ron Valstar of, modified by me, and found on the wonderful graphics archive called Pixel Patterns. Thanks!

The header and menu text of TransWhat? is written in PTF Nordic, which I dug up on DaFont. It was designed by Prismtone.

I'm using a Google site search from

Thanks to the W3C's lovely Validator, which helped a picky coder ensure that his XHTML was properly formatted.

Oh, and if you're wondering what wonderful company designed TransWhat? (heh, fat chance) — it was me! I also maintain the Newton North High School GSA website, which explains why this group of pages is hosted on that domain.

As for me . . .

I'm Adam, I'm a (trans) teenager, and I live in Newton, Massachusetts. In my spare time I like to muck around with websites. That's really all that's relevant here, and it isn't much, I know.

Send me an email if you have a comment about TransWhat?. I can be contacted at the address "webmaster" at this domain —